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Media appearences

The following are a number of articles and other media appearances I've done regarding my experience as a Tulku. Some are recent while others date back to before the internet became mainstream, so they are not easily available. Others I have yet to find, and I will add these as I track them down. I have provided links wherever possible. Feel free to read and/or watch, but please do not copy any of these without the author’s formal consent. Please note also that I am not responsible for any comments or views expressed by those who post the videos or remark on their content. Thanks!



Memories of a Previous Life (52 min., directed by Marcel Poulin, ©Thukkar Productions, Montreal, 1994). A documentary film by a wonderful cinematographer and close friend Marcel Poulin . The film follows me through everyday rituals during my life at Sera Monastery in India, giving viewers an insider's glimpse of life in a Tibetan Buddhist monastic institution. You can watch this below:

Memories of a Previous Life


2000 – Second Regard, 22 October 2000 (Société Radio Canada, 2000)

1998 – The UnexplainedReincarnation (A&E, 1998)

1996 – L’odysée de l’étrange, ep.3 « La réincarnation » (TF1 1995) – can be seen here

1996 – Monde et Mystères – Réincarnation (Canal D, 1995)

1995 – L’Ecuyer, ep.1 (Cité Variations, 1995)

1989 – Man Alive – Wheel of Rebirth (CBC, 1991)


Newspaper Articles

2014 – Le Monde des Religions (N°67), Little Bouddha Devenu Grand by Eric Vinson. Can be read here (subscription only)

2009 – Montréal Campus, Le Buddha de l’UQAM by Gabrièle Briggs. Can be read here

2002 – Harvard Gazette, Old Soul, by Ken Gewertz, photo by Kris Snibbe. Can be read here

1988 – “From Montreal to a Tibetan monastery: a schoolboy tale.” In The Gazette, Montreal, July 3, 1988.


Book Chapters

Elijah Ary. “Bridging East and West.” In Blue Jean Buddhas: Voices of Young Buddhists, edited by Sumi Loundon. Boston: Wisdom Publications, 2001, 99-106.

Vicki Mackenzie. Reborn in the West: The Reincarnation Masters. New York: Marlowe & Company, 1996, 11-40.



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